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Small...or BIG Life?

Am I living small?

I have decided that when the thoughts swirling in my head are about worries, my needs, my activities, my wants, my desires, the "I wish I would have", "I should have", and "if only I had"... I am engaged in small living.

To live large is living beyond my self-interest only.

Living big is found outside...outside of me.

Awakening to Big Living - A Spain Adventure

I was walking with a friend on a high ridge looking over a majestic valley of Ordesa Park in Spain. We were walking up the Pyrenees ridge to the French border.

We were engrossed in a deep conversation. I stumbled and almost fell with a potential to tumble off the ridge into the rocks below.

As he caught me when I stumbled, I looked up at him, the view around us, the valley across the way, and the mountains. As we took in the sights and smells we sighed then laughed.

It was majestic, it was big, I was alive.

I don't remember the content of our conversation.

What I remember is being alive.

Being with a friend outside in nature.

A meaningful conversation.

Seeing beauty together.

Being a bit risky, even dangerous.

Breathing deep from the fresh air.

Taking in the grandeur of the mountains and the valley.

Enjoying cheese and wine from a bota bag together.

Enjoying the people and culture of Spain.

I was living BIG in that moment.


You Can Live Big Daily

What breaks you out of small living? When do you come alive? Live big? How can you create a rhythm of living big? On a daily basis?

For me, it's when I engage in meaningful living. Focusing on one thing each day that connects with my soul and doing something that brings some beauty into our world. Phoning a friend. A kind word. A smile. Encouraging someone. Doing one thing each day that's not about me.

Share what living BIG is for you in the comments below!

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