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Our companies and our growing network of companies are vertically integrated to move your projects to reality as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Building Systems

  • From concepts/design to construction plan services

  • General contracting services building commercial and residential projects

  • Excavation services

  • Earth block wall systems provided by Colorado Earth

  • Landscaping and irrigation systems

Consulting Services

  • We work with mission-driven, passionate individuals and companies to help them create lasting value for local communities.

  • Our consulting services include: 

    • Leadership team alignment

    • Business plans

    • Financial models

    • Build operating systems

    • Sales and business development

    • Capital/growth strategies

 Food Systems

  • Designs to construction plans for greenhouses and animal barns

  • General contracting services for building various food systems

  • Industrial growing systems, to community growing systems, to backyard growing systems.

Air & Water Systems

  • Senturion+ enhances and enables filtration technologies that protect against airborne and waterborne poisons, contaminants, bacteria, and viruses. Senturion+ produces a filtration compound capable of filtering arsenic, heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses. This material can be embedded in many raw materials and complex systems to filter air, water, and gas.   

Wellness Technology Platform

  • Offers people-focused integrated software and on-demand consulting solutions through our scientifically-driven methodology in corporate environments

  • Provides leadership with a data-informed integrated approach to hiring, retaining, and growing talent

Renewable Energy Systems

  • Geothermal systems 

  • Solar-powered systems


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