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Welcome to ForgeWorks Coaching, where our purpose and mission are centered on equipping you as a peak business leader. Our unique program is designed to help unleash your full potential and to achieve dynamic business performance. We believe our comprehensive business development platform, expert professional services, and linking you with your own personal business coach will provide you with the practical tools and support to enable lasting success. We are excited to be walking alongside you on this journey!

Here's how the process works:


  • Submit an online form

  • You'll be contacted and given a program overview

  • You'll be matched with a dedicated coach

First Touch

  • Join a Zoom call with your coach

  • Sign the Client/Coach Agreement


  • Complete the Initial Business Profile questionnaire

  • Your Initial Business Profile questionnaire will be processed by your coach


  • Your coach will share your 180 Day Plan

  • You and your coach will begin handling action items


  • Regular communication will begin between you and your coach

  • You and your coach will take action each session to move you forward in your 180 Day Plan


Our ForgeWorks business development platform includes:

  • A business discovery process

  • A proven business development model and system

  • Access to a suite of professional services, tools, technology, and best practices

  • A professional coach and community to guide you in the ForgeWorks way 


In short, it is a personalized, pragmatic, “MBA” program focused on your business. At the end of your engagement, you will walk away with a customized business playbook to grow your business. 


Growth companies (businesses generating $1M-$5M in revenue): the cost is $1,500 per month for a minimum of  6 months

Start up companies, accelerating companies ($10M+), or companies preparing for a sale: ***Call for pricing*** (Tim Chambers 719.210.3345)

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