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Business Model Framework

The ForgeWorks 180 Day Plan begins with two foundational sessions in which your ForgeWorks business coach will guide you through the discovery process. During these sessions, you will highlight key areas of focus from our 13 Elements listed below. Your coach will help you prioritize by drawing out your top 3 areas. This information will set your Quarter 1 framework lasting 12 weeks.   

  Our 13 Key Elements

  1. Vision/Leadership

  2. Sales/Marketing

  3. Products/Services

  4. Management

  5. Finance

  6. Structure

  7. Metrics

  8. Culture

  9. Processes

  10. Principles

  11. Relationships 

  12. Truth

  13. Integration

Goal for each session – moving the needle

Incremental changes and adjustments should be the goal for each coaching session. Your ForgeWorks business coach will help you prioritize and implement these changes as you take this journey with us. Moving the needle forward will be a critical element to help you steer in the right direction toward producing peak business performance. Ready? Let’s go! 

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