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Leadership Team

Forgeworks Business Development Kern White

Kern White

ForgeWorks Business Development Mary Kohl Denler

Mary Kohl Denler

ForgeWorks Business Development Chad Anderson

Chad Anderson

Kern Grew up in Rockwall, Texas and started working at his father’s automotive repair shop at the age of 18. He has navigated 4 successful business exits, survived 2 start up failures, has been a missionary/pastor, and holds a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary. Kern has served in 20 countries working with marketplace, cultural, and spiritual leaders in the areas of community and leadership development. Kern’s specialties are business and capital strategy, business development, new markets, marketing/creative direction, people development, and organizational leadership. He is a Managing Partner of ForgeWorks. 

Mary grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and launched her career in start-up organizations, embracing various leadership roles. After almost two decades in Colorado, she has developed a deep love for the outdoors and fresh air. Joining the ForgeWorks leadership team, Mary brings extensive experience in executive leadership and coaching. With a background in C-Suite positions, multi-million-dollar organizational transformations, and global operations, she believes in propelling organizations forward while maintaining a healthy and constructive approach. Mary's expertise spans technology, process re-engineering, project management, training, communications, and marketing. She holds an MBA, PMP certification, and the distinction of being a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). 

Chad grew up in cattle and grain production on a 17,000 acre farm and ranch in North Dakota. After college, he grew a successful technology company and then went on to work with Compassion International for 17 years helping them grow from $28M a year to $640M as a leader of their Enterprise Technology division. The past 10 years, Chad returned to his agricultural roots and founded a successful poultry company in Colorado. He is the VP of Business Development at ForgeWorks.

ForgeWorks Business Development Hoss Hostetler

Hoss Hostetler

Hoss grew up in a Mennonite community on a 500 acre grain/dairy farm where most of the food for his family of 12 was grown on the farm. He started his first business at 16 raising dairy beef calves. At 19, he started a company in Oklahoma with the first contract being fifty-two 9600 square foot hog barns. He grew this business to more than 400 employees in 25 states and several overseas locations. Hoss has founded several other businesses including a poultry company in Colorado that turned into the largest pastured model in the country. Hoss is a Founder and a Managing Partner of ForgeWorks.

ForgeWorks Business Development Tim Chambers

Tim Chambers

Tim joins ForgeWorks with over 25 years of leading high-performance teams in both the construction and technology areas, as well as serving as a regional operations leader for a $1B organization.   He has been a small business owner for over 16 years, focusing on cultivating and mentoring the next generation of leaders and business owners. His most profound passion is drawing out and unleashing the full potential of his clients. His approach to coaching, teamwork, and consulting is relationship based, as he sees the value of building both personal and organizational trust with the individuals and teams in which he works.

Tim has developed a strong partnership with the hundreds of leaders with which he has worked, leading multiple company-wide transformations and accelerated company strategies through the alignment of culture, people, and practices. 

ForgeWorks Business Development Wendy White

Wendy White

Wendy is an accomplished marketing professional and entrepreneur. With over two decades of experience in diverse industries, such as aviation, technology, and small business marketing, Wendy has developed a wealth of expertise in branding, website creation, communication, and customer service. She is passionate about creativity and problem-solving, and is always looking for innovative solutions to help businesses thrive. Alongside her professional achievements, Wendy is a talented artist and artisan with a deep interest in natural medicine, outdoor pursuits, and sustainable living. She is a collaborative team player who is committed to delivering outstanding results and providing exceptional customer service.

ForgeWorks Business Development Duke White

Duke White

Duke has a heart and passion to serve the Lord and his people. After graduating from Texas Tech and Dallas Theological Seminary, Duke served in ministry for over 30 years as a student pastor in a local church and working in an international missions agency.  Besides overseeing the Forgeworks finances, Duke is a property manager, sports official (baseball and volleyball), and co-owner of a Christmas lighting company. 


Sara Anderson

Sara was born into an entrepreneurial family and knows what it means to be a part of a small business. With her education and 8+ years of experience managing finances for multiple different companies she understands the critical importance of accurate and well-maintained finances. On the other hand, she realizes how the day-to-day of small business can create a back-log of office tasks. This experience has sparked a passion and vision to empower individuals through accurate financials.


Tex Hostetler

Tex Hostetler brings a decade of bookkeeping and payroll expertise. He's been a driving force in various startups, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. Tex's attention to detail, honed through hands-on experience, ensures meticulous financial management. His passion lies in providing unwavering support to others, guiding them to success, with a focus on teamwork, harmony, and growth. 

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